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LimoExpress is a platform for managing and organizing bookings, perfect for limo / chauffeur agencies and VIP transportation companies.

LimoExpress boosts your revenue and profit while reduces effort and communication!

We've noticed...

Some of the main challenges in the transfer industry are as follows:

Manual entry of reservations and scheduling

Many companies in this industry still rely on challenging manual processes for booking and scheduling transfers. This approach is often time-consuming, error-prone, and usually not available to everyone, leading to business disruption and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Failures in communication

It is a very big challenge to balance communication between operators, drivers and clients. Especially if you rely on phone calls, Viber/Whatsapp messages or emails. Misunderstandings and delayed communication of key information can affect the quality of service and often lead to customer frustration.

Providing a quality experience to the user

Customer satisfaction is a key issue in the transfer industry and tourism. However, without the right conditions, it can be difficult to notice and take advantage of customer preferences, manage special requests or communicate changes during the journey in a timely manner, which also leads to a poor customer experience.

Analytics and reports

Gathering significant insights into business performance, trends among clients and operational efficiency is always a challenge if the business does not have suitable conditions for it. The lack of decisions closely related to statistical data leads to the omission of potential opportunities and reduces the chances of optimizing operations.


We have the solution!

LimoExpress is a carefully developed platform, created to improve the work of transfer agencies by improving efficiency and communication.

It consists of a back office system for operators and a mobile application for drivers. The operator uses a back office platform to manage and enter orders, while drivers receive push notifications on their mobile app about new orders and deadlines for making decisions.

LimoExpress aims to reduce human errors, speed up processes and provide a scalable solution for multiple organizations. With its user interface that follows Google Material Design, LimoExpress offers a seamless experience for both operators and drivers.

  • Simplifying operations
  • Effective communication
  • Improved user experience

How does it work?

Take a look at the list of functionalities of the LimoExpress system

Operators | Back Office

The operator has access to the system as an administrator, which enables him not only to manage reservations, but also users, drivers, vehicles and other organization data. When the operator makes a reservation in the system, the platform automatically generates a push notification to drivers with all the necessary information related to the transfer.

Some of the numerous functionalities of the Back office platform are:

  • Review and entry of orders (transfer and daily rent)
  • Automatic recalculation of the duration and cost of the drive
  • System administration
  • Generating push notifications for drivers
  • Statistical display of data
  • Entry and review of costs per vehicle
  • Information about rides and commissions
  • Other administrative operations

Drivers | Mobile Application

Push notifications are sent to drivers directly on their mobile application when a reservation is made in the Back Office. The mobile application follows Google Material Design and provides a simple and intuitive user experience.

The mobile application is used by drivers and managers (fleet organizers). Drivers have a calendar overview of their orders, while managers have an overview of the entire team, as well as the right to enter new orders and a statistical display of data.

Some of the functionalities of the application are:

  • Insight into driving details (transfer and daily rental)
  • Entry, modification and commenting of orders
  • Entry of vehicle breakdowns and expenses
  • The possibility of accepting or rejecting the drive
  • Setting up the profile and viewing notifications
  • Insight into the statistics

Benefits of the LimoExpress platform

We are proud to highlight the benefits of the LimoExpress platform, which are designed to solve some of the industry's biggest problems

Simplified reservations management

LimoExpress's BackOffice platform allows operators to efficiently manage and enter reservations. This eliminates the need for manual processes, reduces errors and speeds up the reservation management process.

Effective communication

The platform enables instant communication via push notifications. Thus, drivers receive timely updates about new rides and other relevant information, improving the overall efficiency of communication.

Improved operational efficiency

By automating tasks such as order entry, driver assignment and notifications, LimoExpress helps speed up work. It reduces the administrative burden, eliminates manual errors and improves the overall efficiency in managing these types of services.

Integration with Google Maps

LimoExpress uses Google Maps services to calculate mileage, travel time and route information. This provides accurate and reliable data for both operators and drivers, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize rides.

Comprehensive insight into data

The statistical module of the platform offers operators valuable insight into commissions, availability of vehicles and drivers, workload, etc. These data are presented in tabular and graphical form, and the data can be exported in PDF format, enabling further analysis and reporting.

Software as a Service Architecture

LimoExpress is a Cloud Web solution that allows organizations access from any location as long as users have access to the Internet, and what's more important, billing is done in accordance with usage, the more orders, the more organizations pay for usage. No worries about technical maintenance, only about the way to use all the benefits of the platform.

Feature list

The platform consists of a large number of functionalities that are useful for all types and sizes of limo agencies. Below are some of the key functionalities:

  • Reservation records with all information
  • Excel data export with all data
  • Push notifications about all changes
  • Integration with google maps when calculating routes
  • Visualization of data in the form of reports
  • Weekly and monthly automated reports via email
  • Check for overlapping reservations
  • Flight tracking by flight number
  • Module of costs of driving and vehicle breakdowns
  • Mobile application included
  • Rights to view sensitive data defined by roles
  • Driving contract and reservation export in pdf
  • Automatic conversion of % to drivers and partners
  • Monitoring of drivers via GPS
  • Passenger review module
  • Platform uptime 24/7 (99.99%)
  • Customer support 24/7

GNet is an open network that connects to leading dispatch systems in the ground transportation industry worldwide.

LimoExpress is fully integrated with the GNet network, enabling organizations to send and receive reservations globally, with all members of the GNet ecosystem.

Register your organization with LimoExpress and connect with partners from around the world!

Which Plan suits you best?

The LimoExpress platform is adapted to organizations of all sizes as well as individuals.



Annual subscription per organisation

Up to 10 user accounts.

  • All features included
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Trial period included
  • Onetime payment annually


Annual subscription per organisation

Up to 25 user accounts.

  • All features included
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Trial period included
  • Onetime payment annually


Annual subscription per organisation

Up to 50 user accounts.

  • All features included
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Trial period included
  • Onetime payment annually
14 days free trial included. Billing will follow after the end of the trial period.

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The project was co-financed by the Innovation Fund of Montenegro within the program for strengthening the innovation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.